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Saint-Louis Portfolio

Wilkinson is an approved supplier of Saint-Louis, a leading name in crystal design since 1586. Its collections vibrate with the immense talent inherited from history and the extraordinary creative fantasy inspired by current trends. Every day, Saint-Louis signs crystal creations – chandeliers, suspensions, scones, lamps and candelabras – crafted by master glassblowers and cutters considered among the very best in France (“Meilleurs Ouvriers de France”). Crystal is mouth-blown, hand-cut, hand-engraved and hand-decorated using 24-carats gold or platinum.

Please contact us for more information, availability and pricing for any of the Saint-Louis range.

  • Arlequin 8 light chandelier

    Arlequin 8 light chandelier

    Stem pieces in amethyst, flannel grey, purple and chartreuse green with 8 flannel grey twisted hollow branches with diamond cut pans with lilac pendants and clear octagons.

    Weighs 18kg

    Also available:
    8 light, 12 light, 18, light, 24 light and 36 light
    Amethyst, chartreuse green and flannel grey (as pictured)
    Black, clear satin and flannel grey
    Sky blue, dark blue and flannel grey
    Amethyst, purple and flannel grey
    Dark blue, black and flannel grey

    2 light wall sconces

    Style: Crystal Chandelier, Saint Louis

    Dimensions: Height 87cm - Width 80cm

  • Apollo 15 light chandelier

    Apollo 15 light chandelier

    Venetian style blown crystal hurricanes with bevel cuts. Features 5 amethyst, 5 flannel grey and 5 clear hurricanes. Metalwork is chrome plated.

    Weighs 14kg

    Also available:
    15 light clear
    15 light clear, chartreuse green and flannel grey
    21 light clear
    Pendant lights in clear, flannel grey and chartreuse green
    Wall sconces in clear, flannel grey and chartreuse green

    Style: Crystal Chandelier, Metal Chandelier

    Dimensions: Height 88cm - Width 88.6cm

  • Mystere 8 light black chandelier

    Mystere 8 light black chandelier

    8 twisted hollow arms and 8 twisted top crooks dressed with cut pear pendants. Finished with black lampshades. Short version shown. Weighs 25kg.

    Also available:
    8 light long version
    12 light long version
    18 light long version
    24 light long version
    36 light long version

    Style: Crystal Chandelier

    Dimensions: Height 80cm - Width 85cm

  • Hulotte 8 light pendant

    Hulotte 8 light pendant

    Clear, white enamel and flannel grey cut shades suspended from a top plate. Aluminium metalwork is finished in nickel plate. Weighs 45kg

    Also available:
    8 light clear
    3 light white enamel
    3 light clear
    3 light dark blue and amethyst
    Single pendants – clear, flannel grey, white enamel, amethyst and dark blue

    Style: Metal Chandelier

    Dimensions: Height 100cm - Width 77cm

  • Vibration horizontal chandelier

    Vibration horizontal chandelier

    Diamond cut crystal plates mounted on a chrome plated metal structure containing 30 lights (20 vertical and 10 lateral).

    Weighs 55kg

    Also available:
    80cm length
    Wall sconces
    Table lamps

    Style: Metal Chandelier

    Dimensions: Height 85cm - Width 37cm - Length 140cm

  • Thistle 3 light gold sconce

    Thistle 3 light gold sconce

    Thistle sconce to match the Thistle range of chandeliers. 3 twisted hollow branches with cut, engraved and 24 carat gold decorated hurricane shades, dressed with spear drops. Weighs 6.5kg

    Also available:
    3 light platinum
    8, 12, 18, 24 and 36 light chandeliers

    Style: Crystal Wall light, Saint Louis
    Dimensions: Height 45cm - Width 35cm - Depth 32cm

  • Thistle 36 light Gold chandelier with shades

    Thistle 36 light Gold chandelier with shades

    36 twisted hollow branches across 3 tiers, each with a gold embellished crystal pan and hurricane shades engraved and decorated with 24 carat gold. Strands of octagons and pointed pendants dress the chandelier.

    Weighs 165kg.

    Also available:
    36 light platinum
    24 light gold / 24 light platinum
    18 light gold / 18 light platinum
    12 light gold / 12 light platinum
    8 light gold / 8 light platinum
    3 branch wall lights gold/platinum
    Candlesticks and candelabra gold/platinum

    Style: Crystal Chandelier, Large Chandelier, Saint Louis
    Dimensions: Height 200cm - Width 150cm

  • Renversant 18 light chandelier

    Renversant 18 light chandelier

    18 twisted hollow branches and Venetian style uncut stem pieces alternating clear and flannel grey crystal. Pendants hang from each downward facing cut crystal cup.

    Weighs 30kg

    Also available:
    8 light clear
    8 light clear and flannel grey
    18 light clear

    Style: Crystal Chandelier, Saint Louis
    Dimensions: Height 120cm - Width 85cm

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