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Art Deco/Modern Portfolio

Art Deco is a style which first appeared in France during the 1920s and was popular throughout the 30s and 40s. Art Deco lighting fixtures often make use of the associated bold shapes, lavish ornamentation and stacked geometric patterns. Most fixtures were made from polished bronze, chrome or steel in order to create that shiny, sleek look  associated with the style. With an almost endless variety of shapes, materials, finishes and sizes to choose from, modern chandeliers are constantly developing, from waves made completely of Swarovski beads to laser cut sheet brass wall lights.

  • Petitot style Art Deco chandelier

    Petitot style Art Deco chandelier

    An Art Deco style chandelier with clear glass rods sitting vertically on the top section and horizontally around the octagonal frame, positioned flush to one another they create a ribbed look. The octagonal frame is sectioned into 8 segments, each with a frosted pane of glass on the base. Can have 8 or more internal lights. Metalwork finished in a polished silver and clear lacquer. Similar to the design of Atelier Petitot De Lyon who was very popular during the Art Deco period.

    Style: Metal Chandelier

    Dimensions: Height 80cm - Width 90cm

  • Alabaster effect ceiling light

    Alabaster effect ceiling light

    This example is manufactured using acrylic that is painted to look like alabaster and is fitted flush to the ceiling.

    We can produce items in a variety of materials including acrylic, wood, leather, shells and in some instances alabaster. Because of the variety of materials we can use, it is possible to create pieces in a huge variety of shapes and sizes.

    Dimensions: To specification

  • Claridge's wall light

    Claridge's wall light

    Reproduction Art Deco wall lights as manufactured for Claridge’s Hotel. Clear frosted glass panes, metalwork finished in polished chrome. Has two internal SBC lampholders.

    Style: Metal Wall light

    Dimensions: Height 34cm - Width 23cm

  • Billiard Table Light

    Billiard Table Light

    A fine art deco billiard table lamp suitable for a large table or display. This example is in a high gloss cherry wood with 23.5 carat gold leaf interior, 3 strip lights and a frosted glass diffuser. The metalwork was solid brass in an antique finish.


    Length on long side 137cm
    Length on short side 51cm
    Overall height 105cm

  • Semi circular metal wall light

    Semi circular metal wall light

    A semi circular brass framed wall light with circle detail cut outs, finished in a dark bronze. Opaque white plastic moulded to fit inside frame and create a tight seal around the internal lamps. A large number of these were produced for a wine cellar.

    Style: Metal Wall light

    Dimensions: Height 35cm - Width 20cm

  • Pillar wall light

    Pillar wall light

    Art Deco Pillar light with vertically ribbed glass available in clear glass (as pictured) or frosted glass.

    Metalwork finish shown is polished nickel, but other finishes including chrome and polished brass are available.

    Projection 7cm. Suitable for use in bathrooms as IP rated.

    Style: Metal Wall light

    Dimensions: Height 63cm - Width 8cm

  • Art Deco frosted bowl light

    Art Deco frosted bowl light

    A frosted bowl light with decorative bottom finial originally produced for a well known American interior design company. Can be used for one internal light, metal work in a silver plate.

    Style: Bowl Light

    Dimensions: Height 28cm - Width 14cm

  • Swarovski wave light

    Swarovski wave light

    Swarovski beads are threaded to a frame to create the seamless wave effect. Backed with a stainless steel reflector plate and containing either 9 or 16 lights dependant on size. Suspended flush to ceilings.

    Style: Crystal Chandelier, Large Chandelier

    Dimensions: Width 60cm/120cm - Length 120cm/180cm

  • Rib fluted trumpet shade chandelier

    Rib fluted trumpet shade chandelier

    A modern 16 light chandelier with rib fluted cut crystal trumpet shades. U arms and S arms (8 of each) alternate creating an inner and outer circles of shades. Sitting on central receiver hub is a large rib fluted cut crystal shade. Brass metalwork is finished in polished and lacquered silver plate.

    Style: Crystal Chandelier

    Dimensions: Height 60cm - Width 115cm

  • Shell Chandelier

    Shell Chandelier

    A very talented associate of ours is able to manufacture these wonderful chandeliers made with imitation coral and a variety of shells and sea findings. Being handmade, they can be made to any size and with your requested number of arms or prefered shells. They are fully electrified or can be used with wax candles if prefered. For more information please contact us.

    Dimensions: Height 180cm - Width 130cm

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