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Shades Components

We supply a range of shades to fit both chandeliers, wall light and table lamps. From simple or plain designs to more complex pieces featuring engraving or intricate cutting.

Certain shades available for instant purchase as we stock various sizes, others are custom produce.A selection of shades are available to purchase directly from our ebay shop

If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us with your requirements as we may be able to source it on your behalf or hand blow a custom shade.

  • Paper & material shades

    Paper & material shades

    We are also able to offer a range of paper (pictured on left) and material shades, many of which are produced locally in Kent. Features of these shades can include pleating, patterned trimming, a variety of shapes and colours. These can be used for wall lights or for larger lighting pieces including chandeliers.

  • Prismatic shade

    Prismatic shade

    The prismatic shade offers unique refractive properties distributing light evenly. This example in particular contains deep cuts, however more delicate shades in a variety of shapes can be produced.

  • Unique shades

    Unique shades

    This gallery shows just a small sample of the shades that we are able to provide, if you have a unique design or specialist requirements please contact us and we hope to be able to source your shades either through our vast stock of antique shades or by creating a new piece.

  • Diamond cut shade

    Diamond cut shade

    Any surface designs greatly enhance the brilliance and reflecting power of glass. The diamonds are formed by interweaving lines that are cut into the glass, they can cover the entirety or just part of the shade.

  • Feather cut shades

    Feather cut shades

    The name feather describes the cuts made in the glass, they create a regular pattern giving the shade an intricate depth that is beautifully decorative while still functional. This style of cutting can be used on a number of shade styles and can also feature other decorative elements in its design.

  • Flambeau shades

    Flambeau shades

    Flambeau shades have classically been used for art deco & art nouveau lighting. Our most popular sizes are 7", 9" and 16" high although others can sometimes be found. It is important that special attention is paid to the neck size you require to ensure a correct fit.

  • Onion/Lotus shades

    Onion/Lotus shades

    The onion or lotus shade is called so due to its distinctive shape, like the hurricane shade it is wide at the base before tapering in the waist and fluting outwards at the top, the difference being that the onion/lotus is considerably shorter by proportion. Generally a pattern would be etched or frosted onto the shade.

  • Coloured shades

    Coloured shades

    The blue, opal and cranberry shades are just a sample of the colours we are able to produce in a number of styles. Coloured shades can transform a room and compliment your lighting piece.

  • Patterned scalloped shades

    Patterned scalloped shades

    If you require a shade with more detail then we can recommend scalloped shades. This is when the top of the shade has a wave like pattern cut into, they can be large or small cuts and sometimes feature points rather than smooth curves.

  • Patterned shades

    Patterned shades

    We are able to etch, engrave, frost (sandblast) or paint patterns onto a number of shades. Whether you have a design of your own or you would like us to recommend a design in keeping with the style of your piece, our skilled glass cutters can produce shades or we can even source antique shades to replace lost or broken items.

  • Hurricane shade

    Hurricane shade

    Hurricane shades were originally designed to stop drafts blowing out candles. They are somewhat like a vase and flare at the top to diffuse the light. Available in various heights, they can also be patterned or coloured.

  • Engraved Greek Key Pattern Shade

    Engraved Greek Key Pattern Shade

    This shade has the Greek key pattern engraved into the glass rather than the pattern being formed onto the glass. Some may prefer this shade due to the extra depth that is created when light is refracted by the shade. This or many other patterns can be used on a variety of shades and not just the hurricane as pictured.

  • Greek Key Pattern Shade

    Greek Key Pattern Shade

    The Greek key pattern is just one example of the patterns that can be used on shades. This shade in particular also features 'thumb' cutting at the base which adds the the decorativeness of the light dispersal.

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